E3 2018: release date Anthem, player classes, and new details everything we know about the game

E3 2018 has been launched and the first conference held by EA, in which were revealed new details Anthem release date and the game represented classes. All this and much more that we learned about the game, read our preview

New role-playing game BioWare, Anthem became the main star of the press conference Electronic Arts at E3 2018, and we learned some interesting details about the game.

Casey Hudson, mark darrah and Kathleen Rucker answered questions about the game focusing on story and game classes in the game. In Anthem, players will take control of characters who are freelancers, which main goal is to protect their civilization from local disasters and enemies known as the dominion. Each main character will have under your control manned

Despite the fact that we still have a number of questions to Anthem, through presentations at E3, we have new details about the game that we want to tell you more in detail.

What is Anthem?

Anthem is a role-playing game with an open world, which the unfolding events in a futuristic world where humanity is on the brink of extinction. The player takes on the role of characters known as freelancers who are sent on a mission during which they have to interact with other players, gather resources and take the blows of opponents.

The main objective is to safeguard Anthem, as from the imminent cataclysm and enemies-called Dominions. Players will belong to different populations where they can interact with other people and residents.

Who are the Dominions?

The Dominion is a group of people who work on catastrophic one common goal: to create the most powerful weapon in the world. They represent the end of civilization.

Player classes

In Anthem, the players have to use Exoskeletons, called lances, which are necessary for the bladeless move on the world game, participate in the battle and accomplish the mission.

All in the game there will be four different classes: Ranger, Storm, Colossus, and Interceptor.

Each suit gives players different abilities and can be used for different purposes. All will depend on what features you’d like to see in your costume. Stormtrooper costume, great for heavy combat situations, and the same time, the Ranger suit is a versatile suit which is best suited to explore cool caves.