Frantics: “Royal battle” from the comfort of your sofa Review

We continue to tell our readers about games that use the PlayLink technology that combines a Sony PlayStation 4 and mobile gadgets. We remind you that several users can use their smartphones and tablets as game controllers in multiplayer video games. We have already talked about the interactive Thriller Hidden Agenda, about the wonderful quiz “Knowledge is power” and a couple of other PlayLink projects. Today we will focus on a set of fun mini-games called the Frantics, or “Mad men” (the version name for the Russian market).

Frantics is a collection of 15 mini-games to participate in which simultaneously one to four players. As before, participants need to have smartphones or tablets running more or less fresh operating systems iOS and Android. In practice, it turns out that 90% of those wishing such devices are available, so no compatibility problems (unless you are a secret follower of Windows Phone or, God forbid, Bada with Tizen), as a rule, does not arise. Let me remind you that all the gadgets you need to connect to the same access point Wi-Fi, which is connected to your PlayStation 4. First, you will have to download from the app store free mobile client Frantics. Run the app, the console automatically pulls you into the game, and then you can start the fun.

The first thing that catches the eye in the “Mad men”, is an unusual character design, of which the game pieces 12. Personally, I immediately arose Association with claymation cartoon “Fell last year’s snow”, however, apparently, that’s exactly what the developers were trying to achieve. Three-dimensional models of places one can even see numerous flaws in the molding and large fingerprints of the sculptor. Generally, all the characters in the game look like they spent several years of his life in some remote Russian village, where did that guzzled vodka and resin “Belomorkanal”. Very much they have a tired look: unshaven face, huge bags under the eyes and a complete lack of joy in her eyes. On the one hand, depressed animals even a little sorry, but they look ridiculous and entertaining in their way.

Leading games is an adorable Fox-an aristocrat with a brandy (I will never believe that it’s tea!) in the hands of. It will explain you the rules of each of the mini-games and enter in the course of other important nuances of the game mechanics. For example, for the victory in each of the mini-games you (and other players) will receive a crown. The number of crowns in the finals of the competition transformed in the number of spare lives, so the more crowns you have, the higher chance to win. During the game, you will also collect coins – game currency Frantics. The money in the special auctions will suggest you to buy support items, giving you a serious advantage over rivals. For example, the dynamite which will blow up another player, as well as other curious weapons like a freeze gun.

Mini-games offer you to take part in a small but very funny sports. For example, one of them will have together with your opponents to run on the treadmill, jumping over obstacles, pushing each other toward the dangerous thorns and jumping through jumps, collecting coins and discovering on your way the locked gate. At first glance, everything is pretty straightforward, but quickly realize that the game is full of intricacies and to become a master is not so easy. Another game offers together with friends to jump from a great height and enjoy the free fall. Each back has a parachute, and right on the screen displays the distance to the ground. Win only one who will open the parachute last and as a result, you land on the ground very first. Sounds simple? There it was! Chose the right moment to pull the ring down to a science. In addition, your opponents are doing everything to distract you and make it difficult to make it in time. In the end, we output several clay pellets.

Is in Frantics mini-games, reminiscent of funny competitions like “battle Royale” but without the sea of blood and the participation of Japanese actor Takeshi Kitano, who played a major role in the same film. For example, all the participants are on a small island and try to push each other with him into the abyss. It is possible to arm additional special equipment like Boxing gloves on a spring to make enemies more efficiently. And the floor under the feet of the participants gradually begins to break down, making the battle even more tense and dangerous. You also happen to make some sort of Curling for office chairs, to drive race cars, fly on jetpacks, and perform many other follies.

Control of the game, as I said, by using a smartphone or tablet with installed on it the same application. You either use the built-in gyroscope and accelerometer to tilt the device to guide your character or saipele your finger on the screen, choosing the trajectory and force of the throw object or character. Sometimes on the screen there are various buttons that need to press to perform a certain action. And, of course, a display interface is required, when you participate in the auction or receive a hidden message from the master the Fox, which from time to time invites you to participate in another Scam a secret from the other players. For example, it asks you to give the opponents another mini-game, allowing another player to win, but you will receive a victorious crown.

Encouraged by the fact that the game is fully translated into Russian language and even voiced by Russian actors. However, the cons of it too. The same control does not always seem helpful, so during especially intense moments of group battles you can be greatly let down. To control the movements of the characters by tilting the smartphone is not as convenient as it might seem at first glance. Sometimes on the screen creates confusion where I don’t immediately understand where your character is and what actually happens. The derivative is another drawback of the game: both in the Frantics can participate only four players (in other games in the series PlayLink the number of participants was significantly more). The developers knew that if the screen at the same time will be six or eight animals – to sort out this lot, no one can.


  • A pleasant entertainment for a friendly company.
  • Suitable for both adult players and kids.
  • 15 fun and varied mini-games.
  • Very funny plasticine characters.
  • Charming Fox-aristocrat in the role of facilitator.
  • Simple and accessible rules of mini-games.
  • Smartphones as controllers.
  • Available affordable price.


  • At the same time can play only four players.
  • Mini-games eventually begin to pall.
  • Management not always responsive.

Frantics – game party, invite you to take part in fun mini-competitions for the title of most clever and resourceful player. Pleasant plasticine design and charismatic characters on the screen create a unique atmosphere. Glad that to take part in the game can nearly all owners of modern smartphones, making it accessible to your friends and family members. Yes, Frantics are not enough stars in the sky and not a AAA masterpiece with a multi-million dollar budget. Nevertheless, with affordable price in 1299, the game becomes a very attractive purchase for anyone who likes social entertainment and casual games are not burdened with a jumble of rules. Put game 7 out of 10.