Guide-review for the game Dying Light 2 – release date, plot and latest news

Meet our guide review for the game Dying Light 2. A section where we highlight fresh, just-announced games and one of the first tell about the release date, plot and latest news.

Of the many surprises at E3 2018 – display and announcement of Dying Light 2 was for me one of the most exciting, because the first part is passed on platinum to the holes, and I still consider it one of the best games about Zombies. And to refresh your memory, your quick guide review, I’ll start with the video that was presented at the Microsoft conference

Dying Light 2 – world and story

The setting and the plot of the new part will unfold in 15 years after the events of the prequel, and the main location of the action will be one of the last of the settlements, the people who managed to survive and which languish.

Already this trailer shows that the sequel has much improved graphics component and became more detailed. Well, it should be noted that the palette that is painted, the environment has acquired a brighter and more colourful hue. And maybe it’s a hint of a sense of hope that people have in Dying Light 2.

In order to to learn more about the game world – we had to go to the game designer Timon Smektala, who shared a couple of interesting things.

So, the map will be increased four times compared to one of the Dying Light.

In the sequel, you will not only fight with a deadly and terrifying creatures of the night, but also to take care of people who in fear has divided into different factions and alliances. The game will not be a typical “Vaivaton”, according to Smektala.

It’s not just a game about zombies. This game is about people and the horrors they can do.

Let’s see what other surprises he has prepared for us game developers Techland.

The combat system in Dying Light

The developers promise to expand and improve all skills of the previous game. They want to make all the elements the mechanic more interesting, especially parkour, which now looks particularly fluid and smooth.

In addition to simple parkour in the trailer we also see in the “Puzzle” that will be tied to the mechanics. Similar tests we saw in the first part, and then they will be even more furious and interesting.

As for the combat system, the video clearly noticeable that we added a new mechanics of parry and block, which add to her depth. As prequel to Dying Light 2 you can craft a bunch of different means of killing enemies and also various gadgets. It all looks positive, and we expect there is a clear improvement.

The choice REALLY matters

Especially when worked on the script Chris Avellone, who participated in the creation of Fallout: New Vegas and The Witcher 3. We, the editors very much hope that will breathe life into the story component Dying Light 2.

In the game you will make decisions that will affect not only the ending of the game, but we are smaller-scale things such as people’s attitudes and factions to your actions. Moral choices will now be very important.